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Her Story

Our story started on August 14th when Mya had an MRI scheduled for something totally unrelated. That evening she developed a fever out of nowhere. Of course in this day and age, we were Covid tested and were negative however we were told we had some type of a virus that needed to run its course. After continuous days of a fever, we finally went to the pediatrician and discovered an ear infection, and started antibiotics. This was on Tues. August 17th. The week went on and the fevers continued. On Friday the 20th we were back at the pediatrician and were directed to head to the hospital.

After multiple tests and almost a week of waiting for test results, we were told that Mya has B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia otherwise known as ALL. The full treatment is approximately two and a half years and this past week we started with Steroids and at the end of this week, she will receive her first IV Chemo treatment. The journey will be long but she is my hero and has taught me more than I ever thought possible.