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His Story

In 2015 we were just a “normal” family of 5 moving into our brand new home in Decatur TX from Fort Worth TX. Everything was great until February of 2016. I had a strange feeling something was off about Ryan so I took him to the doctor and requested blood work. Although they thought I was out of my mind and told me they’d call me in 7 days, I had a gut feeling. Unfortunately, the doctor called me the next morning and said Cook hospital was waiting for us to arrive. Once I arrived at cook they escorted me, mom and Ryan into a room where it seemed like an eternity before a doctor came in. I knew immediately this was not an ER doctor so I asked who he was and he said, “I’m an oncologist and Ryan has Leukemia”.
I can’t even describe the emotion I felt at that moment but before I could “feel” anything they took us straight up to the pediatric oncology floor and treatment started right away. Ryan has endured three years of chemotherapy, spinal taps, bone marrow biopsies, and countless medications. He has been in remission since 6/16/16 and his end of treatment date is in five months! We ended up moving back to Fort Worth soon after Ryan was diagnosed to be closer to the hospital and have been surrounded by a great community that we are so grateful for. We know that Ryan is healed by the ultimate physician, Jesus Christ.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way and continues to #RootForRyan!!!!


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